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Mathematical algorithms bring about innovation and speed, they can help us gain a competitive advantage in the market.

The speed and frequency of financial transactions, along with the large data volumes, has attracted a lot of attention from financial institutions and individuals.

Crypto trading and Trading Strategy

The process of buying and selling existing and previously issued crypto-assets (such as ERC-20 or TRC-20 tokens) is called crypto-asset trading. There is a price at which a crypto-asset can be bought and sold, and this keeps fluctuating depending on the demand and supply in the market.
Depending on the company's performance and actions, crypto-asset prices may move up and down, but stock price movements are not limited to the company's performance.
Traders pay money in return for ownership within a company, hoping to make profitable trades and sell the crypto-assets at a higher price. So, most traders follow a plan and model to trade, known as a trading strategy.

Automation efficiency

Algorithmic or Quantitative trading is the process of designing and developing trading strategies based on mathematical and statistical analysis. It is a highly sophisticated area of finance.

Automation brings a lot of benefits:

    • Predictive model possible
    • Ultra-fast analysis and decision-making
    • Buy / Sell Automaticly
    • Possible hyperoptymization
    • Time optimization
    • Less stress

    Our services

    We propose to design your own strategy.

    If you have an idea for a strategy, we can code it for you in Python for any use or bot (such as Hummingbot, Backtrader, and others). We can optimize the code, perform backtesting, and hyper-optimize for the best sharpe ratio.

    **We can also adapt it for our system and run it in live or demo mode to get realistic results. (including data analysis.)

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