When developing a 'Bot' or 'AI' trading system, you need fresh and high-quality data of the financial market you are working on, depending on your data provider (e.g. Kucoin, FTX, Okex). Limitations can easily be reached due to multiple, fast, and massive usage of their API, especially if your system is based on High-Frequency Trading (HFT).

Their limits can be reached in many ways, such as too fast market scanning, multiple timeframes, too many indicators, and more...

We provide Proxy Websocket API entry endpoint for both individuals and institutions, for standard usage or custom settings.

Exchange supported

We can only provide our proxy services for these exchanges:

  • Binance (Spots & Futures)
  • Kucoin (Spots & Futures)

  • Standard usage

    Our proxy websocket is very efficient, low-latency, and fully secured, you can fully trust in their data quality.
    We provide our clients with an "All-in-One" service-pack that includes these services to lower your chances of reaching "API Limit.

    • Access by specific IP
    • Acces to "Spot" market data
    • Acces to "Future" market data (only binance)
    • Up to 50 user simultaneously
    • No-Cached data
    • Close of the real provider
    • All exchange pairs
    • Realtime Data
    • All timeframe (1m, 5m, 15m...)
    • CCXT fully compatible

    Posibility for institution

    We can provide extended features for institutions such as :

  • Extend to more than 150 user simultaneously.
  • logs archivations

  • For More information feel free to contact us.

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