What you can do with CATLAIAS

Core V1

A complex and powerful core that conducts fast transactions 24/7 according to the parameters our professional traders and analysts set.

Core V2

CoreV2 is an advanced and highly sophisticated version of our AI trading technology that surpasses its predecessor in terms of performance and capabilities.

Miscellaneous Core

Our miscellaneous trading strategies are a collection of techniques and methods that are not easily categorized and can include a variety of different approaches.

CATLAIAS, our AI system, works in harmony with various advanced strategic-cores.
These cores are tailored to different investor profiles and portfolios, offering a range of options for traders.
By reviewing their statistics, you can make an informed choice that best suits your needs.

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Strategy Edition

Achieving your trading goals requires a clear and well-defined strategy. A well-planned and structured trading approach can help you reach your destination more efficiently and effectively, compared to a haphazard or unplanned approach.

  • Check-list before starting
  • Genese of a your strategic-core
  • Strategy code validation
  • Simulation Mode
  • Backtesting & plotting results
  • Hyperopt all spaces possible

You have developed a trading strategy with a set of hyperparameters that has shown profitability during backtesting. However, before implementing this strategy in live trading, it is important to consider whether the current set of parameters is optimal for the strategy's performance in real-world market conditions.

Here is all of your hyperparameters solution !


Sell&Buy condition

We can use hyperparameter optimization to optimize your 'Sell' and 'Buy' conditions.


R.O.I (Return On Investment)

We can use hyperparameter optimization techniques to optimize for custom return on investment (ROI) or generate a table of profitable ROI options.


Trailing Stop, Offset, Positive

If you need to enhance your settings for all trailing parameters, we have a solution for you.


Magic Mystery

If you are interested in optimizing your strategy for better performance we can utilize hyperparameter optimization techniques to uncover the best settings.


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