Setup Telegram center

Firstly you need to install telegram on your smartphone (Android or IOS) or else the Desktop version (Windows / Linux, MacOS) , don't forget to validate your new telegram account step to be able to start.

Pull down the screen to made appear the search bar

Type in the search bar @botfather and Select the first one with the certified logo.

This welcome message will appear.
Click on 'Start'

A range of proposals will be offered to you take the first choice /newbot.

A little chat will start and @botfather will ask you to name your bot, so name it with a name you like.

We chose "KCCM_CATLAIAS" for the exemple.
After you're validate your bot name's @botfather will ask you to give a username to your bot, so name it with a name you like.

We chose "catlaiasv1_bot" for the exemple.
If your name succeeded a message will appear with the HTTP API
in this exemple : 5539039459:AAG-rvDeimwECko8xsccbBmowRKV1emAEU

Please save the HTTP API for later.
Stay on this discuss and click on your bot link like : in the exemple.

you will see blanck chat please click on 'start'

Click on Start are verry important for init your catlaias control center

After this step validate, go back on the chat list. (like the image you'll see this)

Pull down the screen to let the searchbar show up and type @userinfobot

A little chat will start just click on the start button

@userinfobot will answer you with information like : id, First, Last and the lang
please send us the ID (5521103962 in this exemple)

Please connect yo your space with your credentials.

Click on the credentials sectionat the left

Fill the 'Telegram API bot' and 'Telegram ID' entry with the correct information.
And click on submit button.

Your telegram bot will be executed within 72 hours.