Setup Huobi Global Exchange

Firstly you need to login or create a free account on Huobi Global Official Website, don't forget to validate your KYC step to be able to start. We recommend you tou use 2FA, SMS and anti-fishing code.

Securing your exchange can save you from inconvenience.

After pass the first step with success

Click on "API Management".

After have clicked on API MANAGEMENT, this page will appear.
Here you need to fulfill the note section : with a label exemple KCCM_CATLAIAS. Check the case 'Trade' absolutely otherwise CATLAIAS will not able to product trading operation.
after the key are labelled and the trade cases are checked click on continue.

If you subsribe for :
- Core V1 Businessman
- Core V2 Businessman
- Core V2 Investor
You can fill the 'Link IP address or IP segment' with the IP that we provide you by mail, if lost please contact the support.

Check the 3 boxes and click on I understand.

Finaly you can observe your new freshly create API-Key, secret and permission setting.

Now you need to transmit the Access key & the Secret key information in your user area.
Fill your credentials correctly and click on sign in.

Click on the credentials section at the left

In the exchange section just click on the check binance button's to enable it.

Fill the 'Crypto Exchange API' and 'Secret Key' entry with the correct information.
And click on submit button.

After we receive your credentials we will proceed to boot your CATLAIAS system within 72 hours. If issues detected we will contact you.