How to use our proxies IP service

Here are some examples of how to use our IP in different languages.
If you encounter any issues, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to assist you!

When implementing our proxy in your system, it is important to abide by the usage limitations of the chosen services to avoid any potential issues. If you experience any difficulties, please reach out to us for assistance.

CCXT JS use case

JS model usage example

const ccxt = require ('ccxt')
, HttpsProxyAgent = require ('https-proxy-agent')
const proxy = process.env.http_proxy || ''
const agent = new HttpsProxyAgent (proxy)
const binance = new ccxt.binance ({ agent })

Python Proxies utility

$ export HTTP_PROXY=""
$ export HTTPS_PROXY=""

Or another CCXT's example

import ccxt
exchange = ccxt.binance({
   'proxies': {
        'http': '',
        'http': '',

Bots can use our proxies too

You can use our proxy on open-source projects such as Zenbot, Wolfbot, Freqtrade, and Gocryptotrader, among others.

Exchange list

Actually we provide this service only for these exchange (more exchange will be added in the future)

  • ➥ Binance (Spot & Future)
  • ➥ Kucoin (Spot)