We have built upon our initial offering, 'CoreV1-Crypto_Hunter_V1.0', to create an even more advanced and powerful core that conducts swift trades around the clock, meticulously calibrated based on the parameters determined by our elite team of professional traders and market analysts. This includes utilizing various techniques and methods, such as technical and fundamental analysis, crypto investment analysis, financial protection algorithms, quantitative trading, and market-making, among others.

Catlaias system and is Core is hosted and live in powerful server or VPS close of any exchanges (if asked).

Catlaias system work symbiose with 'Core V2' codename : {CATLAIAS-AWAKENING_V2.0} our best 'AI-core' collection.(keep-up-to-date)

Catlaias short for : Crypto, Algorithmic Trading, Liability, Artificial Intelligence, Automated System

Here is Backtest result of CATLAIAS_CoreV2 for 01/03/2022- 01/04/2022.

Metric Value
Total/Daily Avg Trades 31 / 1.0
Max open trades 4
Starting balance 1000 USDT
Absolute profit 1125.757 USDT
Total profit % 112.58%
Final balance 2125.757 USDT
Absolute Drawdown on period 3.22%
Avg. daily profit % 3.63%
Market change 117.04%

More info on this backtest result content :

  • - Negative Market change
  • - Stack Maximized to 5
  • - Limit on volume
  • - One week


A comprehensive HyperOptimization is applied to this core, specifically on Indicator configuration, Buy Conditions, TP (Take Profit), and TS (Trailing Stop). This core is optimized for all market conditions, including neutral, bear, bull, and gapped markets.

Currency stake compatibility

We strongly recommend using these stake currencies before running your AI.

  • ➥ USDT
  • ➥ BUSD

Pump&Dump protection

Before taking any action to buy or enter a position, a large number of filters and protective parameters need to be applied.

Markets Check-Before-Buy

Before taking any action to buy or enter a position, a large number of filters and protective parameters need to be applied.

48 verification before buy

Checking and Analysing BTC moves

8 condition for sell (TP) and more of 4 sub-condition

Markets Check-Before-Sell

Before making any buy or take a position decisions, a comprehensive set of filters and protective parameters are applied to ensure the highest level of security and profitability for your investments.

Fee handling

For live operations, fees are applied as set by the exchange (this includes Binance's BNB rebates for eligible users, etc.).

Exchange compatibility

CATLAIAS Core V2 is compatible with most exchanges, but we strongly recommend using it in this order: Binance, Kucoin, FTX. Other exchanges are supported, but not as highly recommended.

Fund advised

We recommend maintaining a balance between 1000 BUSD and 2000 BUSD (or USDT) for optimal performance of the CATLAIAS system.

AI Fault observed due to hardware

We strongly recommend using a VPS for optimal symbiosis between the system, the core, and your exchange. Our local server can also be used, but your AI may encounter network latency, which can cancel orders or lower profits.

Extra guard for market negative drawdrown

If you use Core V2, additional security measures against negative market conditions are automatically applied by CATLAIAS.
- This guard prohibits CATLAIAS from initiating an 'enter' order when the market negativity reaches -20% within a 1 hour period, providing additional security against negative market movements.
- CATLAIAS has a built-in security feature that automatically halts trading if more than 2 stop losses occur across all pairs within a 30-minute time frame, to protect against excessive market losses.