We've developed a sophisticated and high-performing core that executes rapid trades 24/7 according to the parameters established by our team of professional traders and analysts. These parameters include technical and fundamental analysis, crypto investment analysis, financial protection algorithms, quantitative trading, market-making and more.

We host and run the CATLAIAS system and its Core on powerful servers or VPSs that are located close to various exchanges, as per client request.

Catlaias system work in symbiose with 'Core V1' codename : {CATLAIAS-Crypto_Hunter_V1.0}.(keep-up-to-date)

Catlaias short for : Crypto, Algorithmic Trading, Liability, Artificial Intelligence, Automated System

Here is Backtest result of CATLAIAS_CoreV1 for period of 01/08/2021 - 01/09/2021.

Metric Value
Total/Daily Avg Trades 31 / 1.0
Max open trades 4
Starting balance 1000 USDT
Absolute profit 641.223 USDT
Total profit % 64.12%
Final balance 1641.223 USDT
Absolute Drawdown on period 2.78%
Avg. daily profit % 2.07%
Market change 117.04%

More info on this backtest result content :

  • - Stack Maximized to 5
  • - Limit on volume
  • - One week

Currency stake compatibility

We strongly recommend using these staked currencies before running your AI.

  • ➥ USDT
  • ➥ BUSD

Markets Buy&Sell conditions

Before making any buy or sell decisions, several conditions must be met. Here is a brief overview of some of these conditions :

  • ➥ Protection against Pump&Dump
  • ➥ Spike loss protection
  • ➥ Markets change 'before taking action'
  • ➥ Multipe Buy&Sell conditions
  • ➥ Trade Monitoring
  • ➥ Custom Sell option
  • Fee handling

    For live operations, fees are applied as determined by the exchange, including any applicable BNB rebates for Binance users.

    Exchange compatibility

    Catlaias Core V1 is suitable of most exchange but we strongly recommend to use in this right order : Binance, Kucoin, FTX. Others exchange are supported but less councelled

    Fund advised

    We recommend a balance between 500 BUSD - 1500 BUSD (or USDT) for an optimal CATLAIAS work.