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We have developed a market-proven Artificial Intelligence system named CATLAIAS (short for Crypto, Algorithmic Trading, Liability, Artificial Intelligence, Automated System)

CATLAIAS uses Machine Learning and a cohesive actionable set of crypto-trading skills to improve its understanding of the crypto-market in order to perfect its decision-making.

  • Algorithmic & Quantitative Trading
  • Faster & better execution
  • Automaticly manage larger portfolios
  • 24/7 completely automate trading
  • Complex, efficiency and profitable strategies
  • Most crypto exchanges
  • Only connected by exchange API key

The CATLAIAS system requires a strategic core, valid API credentials, and necessary permissions to operate. We have developed two powerful cores (CoreV1 & CoreV2), that are fully compatible, sustainable, and work in symbiosis with the CATLAIAS system.

With these cores, CATLAIAS becomes more skilled, accurate and profitable.

(Data collected from CATLAIAS system between 2020~2021, with cores (V1 and V2) loaded.


Many features have been developed in our system and can be applied to CATLAIAS, such as Backtesting, strategic-core optimization, demo mode, Edge, OrderBook, Depth of Market, and more. Dedicated administrators continuously monitor the state of health and results of CATLAIAS (keeping a human eye on the system)
Here is a minimalist list of Catlaias characteristics (not exhaustive):

  • Pump & Dump Protection
  • Keep Up-to-Date
  • Hyperoptimized
  • Auto adaptive on any exchanges
  • Ratio P/L auto managed
  • Efficiently manage and govern ongoing operations of analytics processes
  • Fully customizable 'Core' configuration
  • Unlimited trading pair lists
  • VPS supported

Exchange supported

Non-exhaustive list :

  • Spot :
    Binance (& US)Recommended
    , BitMart,
    , Bitfinex, Bitforex, Bitpanda, Bybit, Crypto.com, Deribit, Digifinex, Gemini,
    Gate IO Recommended
    , HitBTC, , Idex, Kraken,
  • Margin : Actually not supported.
  • Futures : Actually not supported.
  • Affiliate Exchange

    Use our affiliation link to receive commissions on all trades completed by us including Spot, Futures, and Margin trading.

  • Gate.IO Referral ID : 12309398
  • Huobi Global Referral ID : jbza6223

  • Installation requirement

    For it to work, CATLAIAS needs valid API key (and permission) provided by your exchange. Without it, no trading operations can be performed.
    To retrieve your API KEY, you just need to follow the link that suits you the most :

  • Setup Binance API KEY
  • Setup Gate IO API KEY
  • Setup Huobi Global API KEY

  • CATLAIAS can be fully managed through Telegram, but before that you need to follow some instructions here.

    Go further ...

    We have a library that includes many other strategic cores based on Low-Frequency Trading (LFT) and High-Frequency Trading (HFT), but they are unstable.

  • Telegram AI control Center
  • Webhook possible

  • If you're interested in trying another strategic core, just get in touch with us.

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