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About Us


Focused Ambition

Kairos Crypto Capital Management is the world's first crypto asset manager, pioneering in the crypto-financial world and in the conceptualization of crypto investment solutions.


Performing AI trading

Multiple years of R&D by professional traders and programmers have been invested in designing the perfect system (CATLAIAS) and its cores (CoreV1 & CoreV2). We can perform on over 150 markets and multiple exchanges simultaneously.


Our clients

We target crypto holders, wealthy crypto holders, and large financial institutions.

About us

AI behaviour designed by Human intellect

More than just investment software, CATLAIAS and its core technology brings clarity and connectivity to the world's crypto-financial ecosystem, covering the needs of wealthy holders, investment managers, and more.
Our clients also benefit from other services such as improved performance, automated strategies, better productivity thanks to hyper-optimization, and much more...

The clarity to act in the complex crypto-financial world

Everything we do is guided by the conviction that investors need clarity at every point in the investment process to make more informed decisions, scale efficiently, and achieve better investment outcomes. In pursuit of this goal, we are relentlessly innovating and constantly evolving crypto technology.

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