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Performing in crypto trading with highly sophisticated AI

"CATLAIAS", our powerful AI-powered trading system, utilizes advanced algorithms (ML) and tools to continuously scan and analyze the market in real-time. With its ability to automatically execute trades based on market conditions, "CATLAIAS" can help you achieve optimal returns on your investment.

Invest in all cryptocurrencies that your exchange offers. At the same time, you'll also gain access to an expert suite of tools, such as trailing features, strategy editing to obtain the best buy and sell signals from your strategy, hyper-optimization, and more ...

Specialized in

Artificial intelligence is increasingly being integrated into the financial services industry because it can perform specific tasks more efficiently than humans, particularly when dealing with raw, unstructured data. We are carefully utilizing various segments of AI, including statistical methods and computational intelligence. Within AI, machine learning (ML) is particularly well-suited to the needs of the financial services industry as it allows for automated learning and can be applied to tasks such as financial analytics, market valuation and prediction of investment strategies, corporate finance, and personalized wealth management.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Catlaias Core (V1, V2)
  • All crypto exchanges
  • Best config applied
  • Always kept up to date
Strategy editing

  • Coded in Python
  • Strategy optimisation
  • Backtesting
HyperOptimisation Layer

  • Sharperatio
  • For all yours parameters
  • On all your trading pairs
Proxy Websocket API

  • Realtime Data
  • Up to 50 users simultaneously
  • Acces to "Spot" & "Futures" market data

Domain of Expertise

We perform in the crypto-financial sector but more precisely in :


Crypto Market

We are a technology firm oriented towards crypto-financial services, building scalable, self-adaptive algorithmic technologies to support sound and efficient markets.


Financial & Trading Operations

We operate in the crypto-financial market by supporting trade processes, managing data, providing client reporting, and managing portfolio functions.


Powerful strategy editing

Use or create your own trading strategies with or without any coding skills. Price triggers, cand stick and pattern analysis, technical indicators such as MACD, RSI, CCI, and Bollinger Bands, the only limit is your imagination.


Market & Data Analysis

With increasing market instability and uncertainty, our finance team is prepared for future challenges. Not being able to predict your cash position and potential scenarios is a significant barrier to your growth.


Advanced Financial Operation

We master the equal usage of market depth, book order, as well as other order types (such as OCO, IOC, FOK, GTC, etc.) and stop-loss types (S-Limit, S-Market, Trailing, etc.) to provide you with a high-quality system of trading.



When you work with us, you benefit from decades of expertise from our consultants, including their experience, analysis, and solutions.


Our Completed Projects